Change yourself n you’ll Change your World

First you need to understand that Whatever has happened with you in the past is over
          “Yesterday is History,
          Tommorrow is a Mystery,
             Today is a Gift,
               Let us Celebrate,
                  Let us Enjoy.”
You are in whichever family,how much is the difficulty,you have to accept it n say that you will start a new,you will give a refresh start to your lyf, that you will think or say that you willl start your lyf from 2day, until you give d signal to your mind till den the difficulty or problem is not gonna solve. When you will give a signal to your mind likewise answers automatically will come.
     You no wat we call destiny-problems are in our lyf n d solution is not there we humans call this as Destiny. Suppose The wishes of mine is not cmpleted ,why the wishes are not fullfilled we call it Destiny.
      In our mind Destiny doesnt have any universal definition. Our definition is whatever the problem is that is Destiny.
      Either you should not enter in a married lyf or if you have entered you have to accept that everything is not gonna happen by your wish or your choice, its not possible. This acceptance quality is however leads to a new Destiny.
     Whenever you r angry internally, remember this,that whatever situation is till now we have not accepted that. Some things you can change and some things you cant,so the things you can change you should try n struggle for that n the things you cant change you need to accept that or else 24-7 do fighting, come in stress, beat som1. How much you will fight inside ur adrenal will active,n somehow hypertention will occur.
        One day in a free tym sit n think that in which area or part you are not accepting, in your mind you make picture that whichever person or things I am nt accepting am unable to change them. If you’ll run for changing them, you’ll come in stress.
     In lyf you can change only 1 person n that is no1 bt URSELF.
        The day when you’ll change yourself n balance ur lyf that day  you will lead to a new Destiny.
         So try n struggle to change youself n lead to your own Destiny…….
     I am trying what about U…..???